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While riding mopeds through busy Bali intersections, one half of the label’s creators found himself intrigued by an Indonesian word appearing on every street corner – “Warung.” Later finding out the word meant “small family-run business,” it quickly became apparent how intrinsic these Warungs were to the culture: self-made, the families' lifelines, and ever-lasting legacies to carry forth.

The concept of Warung became the inspiration for the duo’s sound and ethos, and they began to produce music under this name. They worked to create an organic sound, built from scratch, with persuasion from the sounds of the world.

As they explored music and sound, they found themselves drawn to that which embodied sonic cohesiveness and a warmth in the delivery. They began to connect with like-minded listeners and artists, and the idea to do so in an area they call “Beyond the Gates” was born. The concept of a label that will cultivate comfort in togetherness through a relaxed and worldly atmosphere is a natural evolution of Warung’s core school of thought. With that, we invite you to travel beyond the gates with us.

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